Gel foam mattress

What is a gel foam mattress?

Gel foam mattresses are relatively new to the mattress industry and generally consist of traditional memory foam and a gel layer. The gel may be infused throughout the mattress or in some instances may be contained within a specific layer and is more commonly found in pillows. Gel foam mattresses consist mostly of a supporting core and a gel foam pad. The core of the gel mattress may consist of cold or spring core foam. The gel foam coating is gel that is mixed with cold foam. This provides the material with stability without losing the pressure-relieving properties of the gel. Gel foam mattresses are therefore characterized by good body support and respiratory activity as well as good pressure relief. Gel mattresses with a cold foam base especially have very well-designed bed zones while gel mattresses with spring cores offer brilliant high point elasticity.

The gel foam mattress in comparison to other mattresses

Gel foam mattresses offer better climate regulation as the gel absorbs and distributes heat better than other mattress types. Meaning you do not get hot through the night as with some traditional memory foam mattresses. Just like traditional memory foam, gel technology will help stop motion transfer when people sleep in the same bed and it will ensure the support of your body’s pressure points. Gel foam is also hypoallergenic, which keeps dust mites at bay. Gel mattresses offer more support than other mattress types and are typically firmer.



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