Mattress Sagging

What is mattress sagging?

A visible indentation in the mattress surface due to wear and tear. Sagging is the sinking feeling usually felt towards the middle of the mattress. Sagging can also occur on different areas of the mattress, for example couples may experience sagging on the sides of the mattress where they sleep. A sagging mattress is the most common cause for complaint and can be very aggravating for someone sleeping on a saggy mattress. They may feel as if they are falling into a small pit or feel the unevenness of the mattress. This can be quite uncomfortable and even lead to issues such as aches and pains, spinal alignment problems, and sleep disturbances.

Mattress sagging can occur on any mattress type but occurs more quickly on lower quality mattress cores. Sagging can be prevented by regularly turning the mattress over (unless otherwise specified by the mattress manufacturer). Most mattresses are only built to last 10-12 years, so sagging may also signify that it is time to buy a new mattress. It is also important to make sure that your mattress is set on top of a proper frame, box spring, or flat surface that will keep the mattress evenly supported.



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