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Night sweats

What are night sweats?

Nocturnal sweating is quite natural and the average person loses up to 0.5 L of sweat per night. Sweating is used to cool the body because it carries the internal heat in the form of perspiration through the skin pores to the outside. If the environment is cooler than the body temperature, it can absorb the heat of the body. This happens every night as the body cools up to 2 ° C during sleep, which allows the internal processes to regenerate sufficiently. Night sweat can range from a light moist film on the skin, to a soaked bed. In extreme cases severe sweating is referred to medically as hyperhidrosis. Nightly hyperhidrosis means that you sweat regularly and excessively during your sleep for an extended period of time. In these cases the person wakes up often through the night and is soaked in sweat. This causes sleep disturbances and has an overall negative effect on health. Other circumstances, such as overly warm blankets or heaters are not causes for the condition.

Health causes

In addition, spicy foods, alcohol consumption, warm blankets or heating can lead to excessive nocturnal sweating. Excessive night sweating can lead to health problems. Causes of nocturnal hyperhidrosis can be, among other things, due to a variety of drugs, hormonal fluctuations, mental stress or due to a viral disease. You should contact a doctor in the case of regular excessive sweating during sleep, whether the problem occurs during the day or at night. An attempt to change your life habits, such as reducing alcohol consumption or avoiding spicy food, is not sufficient enough in cases of hyperhidrosis and the medical condition requires medical attention.

Tips and solutions

If the nocturnal sweating is not due to a health condition, there are a few ways to combat against heavy nocturnal perspiration: