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  • Highly supportive, nothing like your average pillow

    从 Leslie Chan

    I tried the pillow when I was at jgcasa and i instantly fell in love with the product. the support for the neck is good just as it is for the mattress. bought a whole set afterwards.

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    • 6 每晚睡眠时数
    • 和伴侣睡
    • 45年龄
  • Super fun!

    从 Karen Mong

    Didn't know that it would be possible to customize my pillow to my own liking their I bought an Emma pillow. At first I thought it was gimick that you can customize your own pillow. Like what? then i realized you can actually really adjust the height. I also prefer a firmer side which again i did have the choice for it. Highly recommend!

    • 侧睡
    • 7 每晚睡眠时数
    • 30年龄
  • So glad that it's in HK!

    从 Josie M.A.

    When I was living in Germany, I was introduced to the brand Emma by a friend. I in particular love their pillows because I can optimize the height to suit me. Pillows in Germany are generally soft and because of my back problem, I would need a pillow that gives me very good support for my neck. I have been checking in with the Emma HK CS to see when they will bring in their Emma pillow now that Im living in HK. And I'm so glad that they did!!!

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    • 32年龄


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