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  • best mattress

    从 lucia


  • Brilliant mattress; Brilliant service

    从 Anna Coren

    My 3yo son sleeps very soundly on an Emma mattress and on the odd occasion my husband and i have also slept on the mattress!! It's so comfortable and supportive. We also had to return an extra one that we had bought and the service was incredible. I will definitely be buying our next mattress from Emma!!

    • 其他睡姿
    • 10 每晚睡眠时数
    • 单人独睡
    • 3年龄
  • My husband is completely in love with it!

    从 Tammy koh

    My husband was skeptical about buying from emma at first because he always prefer trying and knowing what he's purchasing. But gave in to my persuasion and the 100 trial thing help a lot. Now he's completely in love with it! We have been sleeping on it for over 4 months now. We are completely in love with it!

  • Not for me... but good service

    从 Matthew Hu

    The mattress was too soft. I still prefer spring mattress. But the customer service was good. I would rate it 4 star given the delivery speed and customer services even if I don't like the softness of the mattress.

    • 其他睡姿
    • 7 每晚睡眠时数
    • 32年龄
  • Very comfortable

    从 Liam

    Very comfortable. I like the firmness, not too hard nor is it too soft. Good. I like it.

    • 仰睡
    • 6 每晚睡眠时数
    • 全家同睡
    • 33年龄
  • Covers can be removed easily. Good for cleaning!

    从 Mrs Wang

    My children have sensitive skin so I always try to change their mattress cover once a week but there was nothing I can do about the mattress till I found emma. The customer service lady advise me that i could easily unzip the covers of the mattress and wash it. Have been doing it ever since! My children are sleeping well and happy.

    • 9 每晚睡眠时数
    • 42年龄
  • Super comfy!

    从 Noah

    The mattress was very comfortable. My wife backaches and pains have improved. That makes my wife very happy, which makes me happy!

    • 其他睡姿
    • 7 每晚睡眠时数
    • 和伴侣睡
    • 43年龄
  • Everything was perfect... but late delivery

    从 Jean

    I really like the mattress. It is very comfortable. Both my partner and I has found that our back ache has improved. The only reason why i'm giving this a 4 star instead of 5 is that the delivery was late.

    • 其他睡姿
    • 7 每晚睡眠时数
    • 和伴侣睡
    • 38年龄
  • Only concern was the heat

    从 ka long

    i slept on foam mattress before and it usually gets hot after awhile. I did a lot of research and a lot of reviews from different parts of europe that emma operates said that the air circulation for emma mattress was pretty good. I decided to try it since I could return it within the 100 day. It turned out to be extremely comfortable and i have no problem waking up refresh every morning!

    • 侧睡
    • 6 每晚睡眠时数
    • 单人独睡
    • 45年龄
  • Excellent customer service

    从 Kat

    I had a problem with the payments but they got back to me very fast and guided me through the whole buying process. But because of the problem i also missed out on the great discount. the customer service was also very kind to create a new discount code for me to be entitled to the same discount that i missed. Super excellent!

    • 其他睡姿
    • 5 每晚睡眠时数
    • 和伴侣睡
    • 42年龄
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