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  • Great discount to start off the year!

    从 Elieen

    Got a new Emma mattress for my daughter when Emma was offering the new year discount. My daughter seems to be loving it so far!

    • 7 每晚睡眠时数
    • 50年龄
  • Good refund service!

    从 Yan Hong

    Ordered the mattress a three weeks ago. Was hoping to adjust to the softness of the bed, but it just wasn't for me. The entire refund process was very simple and easy. Really would recommend Emma given its good customer service and the mattress design although it wasn't a good fit for me!

    • 仰睡
    • 7 每晚睡眠时数
    • 单人独睡
    • 35年龄
  • Better to have a showroom

    从 Calix Kong

    I had experience with emma that is why I dont really need to touch it before I buy it, but my wife would like to do so, i think most asia do like to see something physical before buying

    • 仰睡
    • 7 每晚睡眠时数
    • 和伴侣睡
    • 38年龄
  • can't recommend enough!

    从 Ms Christine

    I really cant stop recommending this enough. I love it, its so comfortable and so supportive. I have been sleeping so well the last few weeks!

    • 侧睡
    • 6 每晚睡眠时数
    • 29年龄
  • Definite improvement from my last mattress!

    从 Joan

    There is a definite huge improvement in my sleep from my last mattress. I was with Sealy before which was an expensive brand. it was comfortable but it just feel like it doesn't suits me. But Emma suits me perfectly, it was soft enough for me yet highly supportive. My back problem has also shown improvement.

    • 仰睡
    • 6 每晚睡眠时数
    • 和伴侣睡
    • 37年龄
  • Special Delivery

    从 Maddy

    I am super satisfied that they can arrange a special delivery for me to another country, that saves me

    • 侧睡
    • 6 每晚睡眠时数
    • 和伴侣睡
    • 39年龄
  • No odour

    从 Pandora

    I am a huge fan of memory foam. Had ordered another brand before but smell plastic and could not sleep. Emma has no odour, reasonable support and traditional soft memory foam feeling.

    • 其他睡姿
    • 6 每晚睡眠时数
    • 和伴侣睡
    • 32年龄
  • Helpful for my husband back problem

    从 A very happy couple

    My husband has been suffering from back problems for 4 years now. We have went through many mattresses brand but nothing seems to work. We chance upon emma on our online search and we saw that it has won numerous awards and foam mattress is supposedly better for the spinal support. we decided to try it even though we were not very confident since nothing really has worked for him. We have tried the mattress for more than 3 months now. My husband loves it. He said its very supportive and he doesnt feel like his back is sinking it which is good for his sleep posture. I don't think we are getting rid of our mattress any time soon! Strongly recommend it to everyone.

    • 其他睡姿
    • 7 每晚睡眠时数
    • 58年龄
  • OK for me but too soft for my husband

    从 Sophia

    I like Emma because I used to sleep on foam mattress. Emma has great support even though it has the traditional soft gentle memory foam feeling. However my husband consider it a bit too soft but somehow we manage to find a balance.

    • 仰睡
    • 7 每晚睡眠时数
    • 和伴侣睡
    • 30年龄
  • Glad i chose the german 'Emma'

    从 Christoph Z

    I was deciding bewteen the Emma and another mattress brand Emmas. I decided to chose Emma because it seemed more adaptable than the others and i trust the german standard. and Im glad I did. My wife and I are both sleeping great!

    • 侧睡
    • 6 每晚睡眠时数
    • 和伴侣睡
    • 33年龄
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