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  • Impressive

    从 Zhu Muling

    This mattress is great, I really like it. The delivery takes some time though, but it is worth waiting.

    • 其他睡姿
    • 8 每晚睡眠时数
    • 单人独睡
    • 25年龄
  • Good mattress

    从 Jiang H.

    My partner is about 40kg heavier than me. Therefore I was considering buying 2 single mattresses but I was advised that with Emma the difference in weight won’t affect our sleep. So I order one king size and what they had said was really truth. The mattress is of very high quality and is perfect even for people with such big weight difference.

    • 侧睡
    • 6 每晚睡眠时数
    • 和伴侣睡
    • 41年龄
  • Best sleep in years

    从 Mitchell

    I don't know why I didn't buy an Emma mattress earlier. The firmness yet the soft texture makes it a delight to sleep in. Complete and utter heaven!! Recommends this to everyone!

    • 其他睡姿
    • 6 每晚睡眠时数
    • 和伴侣睡
    • 45年龄
  • Not too hot!

    从 Keith

    As advertised, the air circulation is very good. Perfect for the weather in hk, i no longer wake up in sweats. I love it!

    • 其他睡姿
    • 8 每晚睡眠时数
    • 26年龄
  • Best investment

    从 Ka ling

    The mattress price was quite expensive for me but after much research i realized its because its made and shipped from germany. since i can get my money back anyway if i didnt like it, i decided to invest in it. turns out it was that it was my investment. definitely slept better than i had before.

    • 侧睡
    • 6 每晚睡眠时数
    • 38年龄
  • Great customer experience!

    从 Brian O.

    I hated the hassle of testing and buying new mattresses each time i move across countries for work. Every brands has almost so many mattress model and i'm so clueless about it. I then chance upon Emma who promises a one mattress fits all and comes with a 100 day trial. Decided to go with my guts and try it. I love it. Easy and fast. Mattress gets delivered as promise and set up is just as easy.

    • 侧睡
    • 5 每晚睡眠时数
    • 全家同睡
    • 37年龄
  • Mattress of really good quality

    从 Adrianne Wong

    I had a terrible foam mattress before of really poor quality. We have just slept on it for a year and the foam started to cave in and it became impossible to sleep on. After taking the suggestion from a friend of mine, I took emma online and slept peacefully for my first night. The CS promises me in case the foam cave in they would send me a brand new foam, which I believe the mattress is really durable so that they can give their customers such a promise.

    • 侧睡
    • 7 每晚睡眠时数
    • 和伴侣睡
    • 37年龄
  • Amazing quality

    从 Jane Lewis

    I was looking for a high quality and supportive mattress in HK when my husband and I moved to Hong kong. We have always preferred European brand because we trust the quality. Emma was a little new for us when we found it online. But it does have substantial credentials. The CS lady was also very nice, explaining to me how the 100 day policy works. So I decided to give it a try! My husband and I are very happy.

  • Good design and good quality

    从 Maggie

    My first time buying a mattress that comes in a box! I thought it was very clever and definitely convenient. The mattress quality did not suffer even when squeeze in a box which I am very pleased about. The overall aesthetic looks sleek and modern. The bed feels good too.

    • 其他睡姿
    • 7 每晚睡眠时数
    • 单人独睡
    • 30年龄
  • Very comfortable

    从 Chan

    In the beginning I was reluctant. I have never bought a mattress online. But I found out there is this 100 night trial with no risk. So I ordered emma and now I am a happy owner of a perfect mattress. Don’t be afraid that you can’t touch it before ordering, this mattress is really awesome and soooo comfy!

    • 俯睡
    • 8 每晚睡眠时数
    • 单人独睡
    • 28年龄
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