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  • Good customer service but a little delayed

    从 Lilian Cheng

    The mattress delivery was a little delayed... It wasn't much of a problem for me but would have appreciated if it was delivered on time. Customer service was good however. She was very helpful in helping me understand the benefits and features of the mattress.

    • 其他睡姿
    • 7 每晚睡眠时数
    • 和伴侣睡
    • 49年龄
  • Good choice

    从 Eva

    I heard about this mattress from a friend from Germany. I decided to order it too and now I don’t regret. I think it is a bit too soft, but in general I really enjoy sleeping on it.

    • 仰睡
    • 7 每晚睡眠时数
    • 单人独睡
    • 39年龄
  • The best mattress I ever had!

    从 Jane

    I was not convinced to buy a mattress online without touching it and trying it. But I took the risk after seeing that Emma is the best mattress in so many European countries and I bought it. And it was a great decision. This mattress is just great. I can recommend it to anyone.

    • 俯睡
    • 8 每晚睡眠时数
    • 单人独睡
    • 31年龄
  • Good quality, fast delivery

    从 JC

    Was not expecting that the mattress will arrive after I placed the order 4 days later. Especially since the mattress are all made in Germany and shipped from there. The overall feel of the mattress is good. I have no problems sleeping on it at all. Super pleased!

    • 其他睡姿
    • 6 每晚睡眠时数
    • 和伴侣睡
    • 47年龄
  • Would recommend this to anyone looking for a good supportive mattress!

    从 Leon Lee

    My oversea friends recommended me this mattress. I was not too sure at first as the brand was very new although it has won numerous awards in Europe. But since they were offering the 100 day trial, i thought why not give it a go! Haven't regretted my decision ever since then.

    • 俯睡
    • 7 每晚睡眠时数
    • 和伴侣睡
    • 30年龄
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