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Emma is the best mattress in Europe!
The Emma mattress is available in 13 European countries, and has been awarded the Best Buy or Best Mattress among the ones tested by independent consumer organizations in seven European countries. With these results, the Emma mattress trumps all other mattress brands!
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The Mattress
Emma is the Best Mattress in Europe

Emma mattress, the European test winner


In the Netherlands the Emma mattress has received the title of best mattress and scored especially high points on the durability and support of the mattress. Emma was tested by Consumentenbond, the largest consumer organization in the Netherlands and won “the best mattress” title in March, May and August 2017 and again in January 2018. View the results of the Consumentenbond mattress test on their website. There you will find more information about the mattress test, and the association itself.

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Emma mattress won the best mattress award in the test held by DECO PROTESTE! DECO PROTESTE is the largest consumer organization in Portugal, with more than 470.000 members. In the last 25 years, DECO PROTESTE has defended the interests and fundamental rights of consumers in Portugal.

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In Italy, Emma did exceptionally well in tests on body support, durability, and breathability. The organization Altroconsumo gave Emma 80/100 points, which was the highest score in the test! Altroconsumo tested both memory foam, as well as latex, and pocket spring mattresses in the test. Emma scored better than 49 Italian mattress brands.

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The Emma mattress was the test winner in Belgium and received 5 out of 5 stars in point elasticity and for the lifespan test. The test was divided into three main points; durability, change in height and hardness, and change in body support. The Emma mattress scored maximum amount of points in all three categories! The ratings were given by Test-Aankoop and, with these results, Emma scores better than all the competitors including Ikea!

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Emma mattress was awarded best in test in the memory foam mattress category at the French organization L’UFC-Que Choisirs' mattress test. Emma scored 15 out of 20 possible points! There were 24 different mattresses in the memory foam category, and Emma was the best! The mattress used was the 140x200cm size. L’UFC-Que Choisir has existed since 1951, with the main goal of informing French consumers about producers and providing recommendations of various products.

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Why is Emma the most awarded mattress in Europe?

Great support
The Emma mattress provides good support for all body types. This is essential to prevent back and neck pain, a common issue with lesser quality mattresses. Emma provides a comfortable night’s sleep through good quality cold foam, combined with top layers of memory foam and Airgocell® foam.
A mattress with a long life
Emma scores consistently high on durability tests, which ensures a long-lasting mattress. Our supreme foam quality ensures a long life-span, with great support for several years. Emma is therefore a best buy for consumers who do not want to buy a new mattress every two years. Because of our high quality, we offer a 10 year guarantee for our mattress.
Attractive conditions
The attractive conditions of Emma ensure that you do not have to think about the purchase for too long. For example, we offer a 100 night’s sleep trial, 10 year warranty, and free delivery and return. We think that it is important for you to be able to try the mattress for a few weeks in your own bedroom. Only then can you really say whether the mattress is suiting you or not! At Emma, you can easily buy the mattress online risk free, without having to go to the store. That shows that buying a good quality mattress is not complicated at all!

Built to let you sleep better

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  • Breathable cover
    The top cover consists of special climate fibre that regulates humidity. At the same time, it is so elastic that it fits the core of your mattress, perfectly.
  • Point-elastic and breathable
    The Airgocell® foam provides you with ideal comfort thanks to exceptional point-elasticity that allows one area to compress without affecting the rest of the mattress, which means that your partner can move the whole night and you won't feel a thing. In addition, Emma’s open-pored highly breathable material will not make you sweat and is perfect for humid weather like in Hong Kong.
  • Pressure-reducing memory foam
    Memory foam is the perfect middle layer: it distributes your weight in the best possible way. Whatever your sleeping position, memory foam ensures the perfect fit. Emma therefore feels extra comfortable.
  • Supporting cold foam with a shoulder zone
    The cold foam provides support and flexibility where you need it. It helps your spine to remain in its natural position, whether you are sleeping on your side, back or stomach. Most people alternate sleeping positions, which makes this extra important.
  • Sturdy cover with handles
    The dark grey side cover ensures optimal air circulation, gives the Emma mattress a stylish look, and provides traction thanks to the practical anti-slip elements at the bottom.

Sleep better.
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