Celebrate 3rd Anniversary!

To celebrate the 3rd anniversary in Hong Kong, we're giving you the chance to win an upgrade to a luxury bedroom or a FREE Emma Memory Pillow! What you need to do is participating an open-question event on our Facebook or Instagram! Good luck and happy shopping!

Prizes include:

First prize - an upgrade to a luxury bedroom (a full set of Emma products): 3 winners
Second prize - a Emma Memory Foam Pillow: 100 winners

Campaign details seen below

Free Gifts Are Waiting For You!

19/07/2021 - 01/08/2021

  • An upgrade to a luxury bedroom 3 winners
  • A Emma Memory Foam Pillow 100 winners

How to participate this campaign?

Step 1

Like and follow Emma Facebook account(@my.emma.mattress) or Emma Instagram account (emma.mattress.hk).

Step 2

During 19/07/2021 - 01/08/2021, like and share the campaign's post on Emma Facebook (@my.emma.mattress) or Emma Instagram (emma.mattress.hk).

Step 3

Answer the open question in the comment space below the post. When the campaign ends, we will select top 3 answers and give a full set of Emma products as a super gift. Following 100 winners, a free Emma Memory Foam Pillow will be given out.

Participation Notice

Winners will be selected based on the answers submitted by the participants, and the selection criteria are the completeness, rationality and creativity of the answers. The selection of the winners will be fair and justice. We will verify the validity of the participants' accounts, and only real social accounts can enter the selection process.


Terms and Conditions

All participants who are over 18 years old and live in Hong Kong have a chance to win a prize after completing the following 3 steps: like and follow Emma Facebook account(@my.emma.mattress) or Emma Instagram account (emma.mattress.hk); during 19/07/2021 - 01/08/2021, like and share the event's post on Emma Facebook (@my.emma.mattress) or Emma Instagram (emma.mattress.hk); answer the open question in the comment space below the post.

Prize: an upgrade to a luxury bedroom (a Emma Mattress, Emma Microfiber Duvet, Emma Probiotic Mattress Protector, Emma Memory Foam Pillow, Emma Bed Sheet and Emma Pillow Case) or a Emma Memory Foam Pillow

Number of winner: 3 winners for an upgrade to a luxury bedroom; 100 winners for Emma Memory Foam Pillow

Campaign period: 19/7/2021-1/8/2021

Announcement of the winner: on the campaign page.

By participating this campaign between 19/7/2021-1/8/2021 you agree to be bound to our regular Terms and Conditions, which can be viewed here: https://www.emma-mattress.hk/en/terms/

1.When the campaign is over, we will select top 3 answers for the first prize and 100 answers for the second prize.

2.When the campaign in over, a Emma staff will contact you via Emma Facebook or Instagram account.

3.Winners of the first prize need to take two pictures of the bedroom.

3.11*before the upgrade; 1*after the upgrade

3.2No faces needed to be filmed. Only the room.

3.3The qualify of the pictures should be higher than 720p.

4.All participants have to be over 18 years old.


The present conditions of participation and data protection information regulate the participation in the contest of www.emma-mattress.hk (hereinafter: the organiser) by the participants as well as the collection and use of data collected or communicated by the participants.

5.1 Participation constitutes full and unconditional acceptance of these Terms & Conditions. The contest entry criteria, the end and start dates of the campaign, the prize and information on how to receive the prize are clearly indicated on the website.

6. End of the Campaign

A payment in cash, a prize in other goods, a price exchange or the award of the prize to a third party is not allowed.

6.1A participant may choose not to accept the prize.

6.2Delivery details (eg date, method, etc.) are settled on a case-by-case basis with the winner.

7. Exclusion of the guarantee

The organiser emphasises that the availability and functioning of the campaign can not be guaranteed. The campaign may be interrupted or canceled due to external circumstances and constraints, without the participants being able to assert their rights against the organiser.

8.This event is specifically run for celebrating 3rd anniversary of Emma Mattress entering the Hong Kong market.

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