Our Story

Our mission is to deliver a better sleep experience across the globe. Founded in Frankfurt, Germany in 2015, Emma has managed to expand to 33 countries on 4 continents. Developed by our expert and award-winning team in Germany, the Emma Mattress provides optimal spinal alignment through its patented technology. No matter your sleeping position, the Emma Mattress gives you the comfort and support you need for a better night’s sleep. Not only have we been named as the fastest growing start-up in Germany and Europe, but we have also won multiple awards in nearly every single country we have a presence in.

Let's be honest, at Emma we don’t let our successes determine when our work is done, we continually strive to make advancements in comfort through innovation. With our on-site state-of-the-art testing facility, coupled with our veteran product development team, we give you the perfect mattress. What makes Emma different from many of our competitors is our belief in producing our products locally. Through this, not only have we been able to introduce our amazing German-designed mattresses to different countries, but we have also been able to support the local economies, ensuring that our presence does not hurt our customers.

Emma Mattress Production Process

In order to ensure the highest quality standard that stands for, every mattress is meticulously created in Europe, using the latest German technology and top quality material to create the perfect mattress for you. The Emma mattress is then vacuum packed into our beautiful Emma box and shipped to Hong Kong and delivered to you.

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Emma in Hong Kong

Our founder, Manuel went to the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and studied the EMBA program in 2013 to pursue business knowledge. After returning to Germany, he began to set up his own company. After countless scientific research and testing, the brand Emma Mattress was finally established in 2015. Since its launch, Emma Mattress has become a hot stream in Europe, achieving a total sales volume of up to 200,000 mattresses. While Europe has achieved great success, Manuel sometimes recalls the days he used to live in Hong Kong - lively atmosphere, the crisscrossed streets, buildings full of human touch, narrow corridors, small but warm dwellings, and that uncomfy bed... A thought gradually formed in Manuel's mind: perhaps he should bring Emma Mattress to Hong Kong, to bring the brand-new Bed-in-a-Box concept to the public, and more importantly, allow Hongkongers to find out the most good-fitting bed in such diverse mattress market.

Manuel believes that the top German quality, convenient free delivery, and risk-free 100 days trial will definitely help Hongkongers to break through the limitations they encountered before and get a good night sleep with our Emma Mattress.

Our Team

Founder of Emma Hong Kong - Manuel

Manuel has been working as a medical mattress engineer in Germany for many years. He knows that having a good mattress is closely related to the quality of sleep and health. Yet with all sort of styles, designs and mattress materials available in the market today, if customers do not have relevant knowledge and experience, it is always difficult for them to distinguish between a good or bad mattress. It also comes to Manuel’s concern that some companies even try to confuse country of production with brand origin. Taking this as an opportunity, Manuel decided to give up his well-paying job, wishing to develop a perfect mattress that combines comfortability and body support with his own professionalism. More importantly, to bring the rigorous and high-standard technology and craftsmanship of Germany to the world.

Our headquarters are located in Frankfurt, Germany. We have one of the most international teams in this city and we are always eager to embrace new cultures, ideas and values.
  • 60 languages spoken
  • 780+ no of devoted Emma employees
  • 33 countries we operate in
  • 5 hubs worldwide
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