Emma Microfiber Pillow

Fluffy. Cuddly. Cozy. Expertly Tailored for Maximum Comfort.

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Fluffy. Cuddly. Cozy. Expertly Tailored for Maximum Comfort.

Small Pillow, Brings Great Dreams

No more sleepless nights! From now on, with this fluffy Emma Microfiber pillow, you can sleep like a log every night. Depending on your personal preference, you can adjust the number of pillow layers to your own liking, easily making it the one and only pillow in this world, from Emma, only for you.

What makes our Emma pillow so special?

No-shift Design

Are you looking for a pillow that is just fluffy as cloud but also offering great support at the same time? Look no further! Thanks to the two layers of cushions made of micro-elastic material inside the padded cover, the pillow keeps its shape and loftiness, offering maximum comfortability whilst not depriving of Its great stability.


The Emma Microfiber pillow is completely washable from head to toe – or to be more precise, from cover to filling. Unlike normal foam and cotton, the high-quality microfiber filling that we are using can totally hold up in the washing machine. Close your eyes, throw it into the washing machine, open your eyes and it looks just like it came fresh out of the oven again.

Fully Adjustable

The unique pillows inside pillow design ensures the necessary neck support whilst not sacrificing its maximum fluffiness. Adding and removing the inserts to create the best custom-made pillow unique to your own liking, for every kind of sleepers and all sleep positions, our Emma Microfiber Pillow can always be what you want it to be.

Soft Comfort with Great Support

Ultra-breathable Cover

The padded cover is made of 100% luxurious micro-elastic materials, offering superior breathability and a dream-like silky soft to the touch.

Softness and Loftiness t

The thicker layer is stuffed with large amount of high-quality microfiber fillings, offering strong support to the neck and shoulder whilst not losing its fluffiness and softness

Cloud-like Sensations

The thinner layer is of the same design and material, but lighter, thinner and fluffier. Have you ever touched a cloud? Touch it here right now.

Product Details

Height adjustable for every sleeping position

Flat layer

You prefer a comfortable pillow without too much filling? Then we recommend that you use the flatter layer. So you get comfort without additional height.

Bulky layer

Not too much and not too little - that's what you get when you only use the puffy layer in your pillow. So you get a good mix of comfort and height.

Both layers

You can achieve the ultimate as-on-cloud comfort by using both inner cushions. So you get an extra portion of comfort and height.

The Emma Promise

A real worry-free sleeping experience

When we talk about carefree, we meant having your pillow delivered to your front door as quickly and easily as possible when you place an order. After that, just unpack it and customize to your preference. It doesn't get easier than this. Create your perfect pillow, create your sweetest dreams.

Designed Specially For You

Create your own pillow, create your own dreams. Adjust the pillow according to your preferred height and enjoy your perfect sleep-companion!

Europe Quality Assured

Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in Europe. Quality assured.

Free Delivery

You don't have to worry about paying to get the Emma Pillow to your home. Each Emma Pillow is delivered quickly, free of charge.

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