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Emma® PillowMade in Europe · Recommended by European Consumers' Associations

Emma® Pillow

Emma® Down Pillow - Five-star-hotel Sleep Experience

Emma Lab cooperates with a century-old German down company, striving for a perfect combination of traditional craftsmanship and the most advance technology to achieve the ultimate in products. Emma® Down Pillow contains 100% natural goose down and feathers. It is the most desired pillow in five star hotels, having a perfect combination of maximum breathability, superior support, incredible softness and premium resilience.

Emma® Memory Foam Pillow - Designed for You

Emma® Memory Foam Pillow is designed specially for all types of sleeper in mind. Whether you're a stomach sleeper or side sleeper, we got your back. Listen to your body and adjust the pillow height yourself - create your own good night’s sleep and sweet dreams.

Designed for the Most Comfortable Sleep Experience

Recommended by Multi Consumers' Association in Europe

We hope to provide you the best-quality sleep products to make your nights more restful and energize your days. Therefore, we always challenge our existing products, bringing the most advanced technology to our Emma® products. To date, our products are rewarded and recommended by many Consumers' Associations in Europe.

Made in Europe

Our Emma® Pillow is 100% designed and engineered in Europe. We use the most advanced technology and test our products countless times at our Emma Lab, aiming to revolute our products continuously.

Multiple Quality, Anti-allergic and Ecological Certifications

By using European first-class raw materials, Emma® Pillow meets a number of international quality, anti-allergic and ecological certifications (please refer to the product pages) to protect the ecological environment and you.

Care Guide of Emma® Pillow

  • How often do I need to replace a new pillow?

    The Emma® Pillow uses high-end materials and a washable design (the whole pillow or the cover). Product life depends on the different models. For example, based on the advices from our experts, Emma® Down Pillow can be used for life with proper care.

  • How should I clean Emma® pillows?

    You can wash Emma® Down Pillow at no more than 60 °C in a washing machine and let the pillows be dried below 50 °C after washing. You can add detergent for down or wool. The cover of the Emma® memory foam pillow can be easily removed and cleaned at a temperature below 40°.

  • Which pillow is the best for me?

    Depending on your preferences, you will surely find a Emma® pillow that suits you. If you prefer pure natural or hotel-level pillows and pursue softness and support at the same time, you can consider Emma® Down Pillow; if you want to freely choose height and softness, Emma® Memory Foam Pillow with three removable cotton layers will be your good choice.

The Emma Promise

A real worry-free sleep experience

When we talk about carefree, we mean having your Emma® Pillow delivered to your front door as quickly and easily as possible after you place an order. Once your pillow arrives, just unpack it and enjoy the best sleep experience you've ever had!

Made in Europe

Engineered and Made in Europe: Each Emma® Pillow is designed and tested countless times at Emma Lab, meeting the highest European standard.

Multi-Award Winner

Emma® products have been recognized as the elite of the bedding industry and are recommended by multiple Consumers' Associations.

Free Delivery

You don't have to worry about paying extra to get the Emma® Pillow to your home in HK. Once you make your order online, each Emma® Pillow is delivered quickly, free of charge.

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