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  • What is the Emma Hybrid Mattress made of?

    Emma Hybrid Mattress consists of five layers:

    • A temperature-regulating mattress cover, which allows for better air and moisture circulation to protect the mattress structure.
    • Point-elastic Airgocell® Foam, adapts to your body and dissipate moisture. It also keeps the mattress in shape and avoids moisture from affecting properties on the mattress.
    • Adaptive Visco-elastic Foam, promotes optimal pressure load for both low and high weight loads. Provides spinal support and keeps your spine in neutral alignment
    • Five Zone Pocket Springs (12cm), provides 5 zone dynamic adjustment to the body and ensures optimal air transfer to drive away excess heat and moisture
    • Supportive HRX foam (4cm), supportive and extremely durable, contours your body by alleviating pressure points.

    In combination, the layers provide optimal ergonomic support and ensures spinal alignment. Additionally, Emma mattress adapts perfectly to any type of sleep position (i.e. side, stomach and. back) regardless of body weight, and provides premium cooling comfort while ensuring its durable stability. Our zero motion technology alleviates motion transfer so that you won't be disturbed by your partner at night.

  • What is the Emma Original Mattress made of?

    Emma Original Mattress consists of four layers:

    • A temperature-regulating mattress cover, which allows for better air and moisture circulation to protect the mattress structure.
    • A progressive Airgocell® foam (4cm) provides pressure relief and point elasticity for the best sleep possible
    • The visco-elastic HRX foam (4cm), using space technology, ensures body-like sinking
    • Supporting cold foam (17cm), with high density, provides the necessary support and longevity. An existing comfort/shoulder zone is used for optimal relief of the spine

    In combination, the layers provide optimal support and pressure relief. Additionally, Emma mattress adapts perfectly to any type of sleep position (i.e. side, stomach and. back) regardless of body weight, providing you the perfect balance between comfort and support.

  • How can a mattress be suitable for everyone?

    We have worked extremely hard to find and develop the perfect composition for our Emma mattress and the optimum balance between support and comfort, suitable for everybody types and sleep position. While most customers are very satisfied with the Emma mattress, there are of course exceptions. That is why we offer you our 100-day-stress-free sleep trial so you can decide for yourself.

  • How thick/high is the mattress?

    Most of the Emma mattress is 25cm high, except Emma One with 18cm height.

  • Is Emma mattress firmness level adjustable?

    Yes, it is. Simply flip the mattress to match your preference. If you prefer the feeling of sinking sightly into the mattress or the feeling of sleeping on clouds, simply ensure that the Airgocell foam layer is the top layer. But if you prefer a much firmer and supportive feeling in bed, simply flip the mattress and ensure that the supportive HRX foam layer is the top layer.

  • Is Emma mattress hypoallergenic and dust-mite proof?

    Yes, the Emma mattress cover is treated with revolutionary Purotex® technology, weaving microcapsules of natural probiotics into the fabric structure. These natural probiotics not only clean up allergens in your mattress but also absorb humidity. But if you prefer a more comprehensive cover that is hypoallergenic, dust-mite proof, and water proof, it is advisable to check out the Emma antimites protector. It contains 100% natural probiotics that can effectively clean up allergens and is water proof.

  • How does the 100 day test phase work?

    It's simple.

    You can test the Emma mattress for 100 days to decide whether or not you are satisfied with our product. If you realize that Emma is not the right mattress for you, simply contact our customer service team ([email protected] or at +852 5808 0220) to arrange a pick-up date. We will give you a refund for 100% of the purchase price and take care of the return cost.

    However, we recommend that you try out the mattress for 3 to 4 weeks before contacting us as we all know our body needs time to adjust to a new mattress.Please be reminded that 100-day trial is only applicable for Emma Original and Emma Hybrid, not inlcuding Emma Black Diamond, Emma One, and other accessories, and only limited to one mattress per address.

  • Can I customize my Emma mattress?

    Our mattress are sold in 20 countries on 3 continents. Different countries have different preferences for mattress size. Sorry that we do not have the customzied service for the mattresses, please refer to the website for avaliable size checking: The mattress model and quality are exactly the same and are produced in Europe. So you don't have to worry!

  • How does the delivery process work?

    Once your order has been successfully placed, we'll process your order as soon as possible. Generally, you'll receive your packages all in one delivery unless under special circumstances which we will call to notify you. One day prior to the delivery, you'll receive a call from our logistic partner to schedule your preferred time. As such, please ensure that the contact number you provide us or to our retailer is accurate. If you will not be in town during the delivery period, we ask that you provide a second contact person number. If our logistic partner is not able to contact you to get an affirmation regarding the delivery time and date, your mattress will not be delivered on the day itself even if it's scheduled. If that's the case, please contact us. Our standard delivery takes place between 9 am to 6 pm, from Monday to Friday. If you're unavailable on the weekdays, we'll be able to arrange for the package to be delivered to you on Saturday. Alternatively, you can have your lobby receptionist to sign the delivery for you. If you choose to do so, please contact us in advance so that we can notify our partner to leave your package at the reception and to confirm your authorization. If none of those options can meet your needs, we may be able to schedule a night time delivery for you. If you do require this service, please inform us in advance. However, we cannot guarantee that this service can be provided each time. Please note that if you'd agreed on a delivery date and time with our logistic partner and decided to change afterwards, there would be an additional charge of not less than $450 HKD. To avoid this, please contact our logistic partner or our customer support at 5808 0220 as soon as possible.

  • What type of bed frame should I use with the Emma mattress?

    The Emma mattress is suitable for all bed frames, making it is a low-maintenance mattress. Emma mattress is designed to fit every lifestyle. It is able to lay on any surface, even on floors, as long as the surface is clean and dry.

    We however, recommend using our Emma Signature Bed to enjoy the optimal supporting force and pressure relief that Emma mattress provides.

  • Do you provide old mattress removal service?

    Yes, we do provide old mattress removal service at the charge of HKD 450. Simply add it to the cart when you check out, the delivery of the new mattress and the collection of the old mattress will be done on the same day at the same time. Please be reminded that if there is no lift where you live or your old mattress is too big to be fit in the lift, please contact our customer service team in advance. We have to double check with our courier team if they could still offer the old mattress removal service to you. If not, the paid HKD450 will be refunded.

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