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Emma Mattresses

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Using the Emma Mattress

  • Can I use an electric blanket?

    Yes! The Emma mattress is suitable and safe to use with an electric blanket.

  • Do I need to flip and ventilate the mattress?

    Flipping of your mattress is not necessary. The structure of the mattress is designed to provide long lived support. The special breathability and open-cell character of the core materials also provide a self-contained ventilation system, keeping the mattress aerated. However, we would still recommend you to aerate your matttress from time to time. This ensures that you have nothing to worry!

  • What type of bed frame should I use with the Emma mattress?

    The Emma mattress is suitable for all bed frames, making it is a low-maintenance mattress. Emma mattress is designed to fit every lifestyle. It is able to lay on any surface, even on floors, as long as the surface is clean and dry.

    We. however, recommend using a slatted frame with a distance between the slats no larger than 3 cm in order to enjoy the optimal supporting force and pressure relief that Emma mattress provides.

    We highly recommend you to add on our Emma Boxbed which provides superior all-round support while increasing the lifespan of your Emma mattress.

  • How can I wash my Emma products?

    You can easily wash your Emma cover. By unzipping the cover, you can easily separate both the top and bottom part of the cover. You can wish the front cover with up to 40°C and the side cover with up to 60°C in a washing machine. You can also wash the strain off by hand.

  • Does the Emma require a special slat frame?

    No! Emma is a low-maintenance mattress. It is able to lay on almost any surface. It doesn't matter whether it is lying on the ground, on a box spring or on a slat frame, Emma is a mattress that fits every lifestyle. The most important thing is that the surface is clean and dry.

    However, if you prefer using slatted frame, we highly recommend you to choose our Signature Bed where the individual slats should not be more than 3 cm apart.

  • Do you provide old mattress removal service?

    Yes, we do provide old mattress removal service at the charge of HKD 450. Please select old mattress removal service and add it to the cart when you check out. The new mattress delivery and the old mattress removal will be conducted on the same day at the same time, please email us and inform us in advance for any specific conditions such as no lift access, staircases and etc.

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