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Innerspring Mattress

What is an innerspring mattress?

Innerspring, or coil, type mattresses are the most common version of mattress sold in the U.S. Innerspring mattresses have been around since the 1900s, they have changed quite a bit in the last 20 years. Innerspring mattresses used to be fairly simple with a continuous layer of coiled wire surrounded by a bit of foam or cotton, they are now feature smaller individually wrapped springs, thousands of smaller springs, and have thick layers of new generation memory foam to provide additional support.

Manufacturers offer several different types of spring systems, including units with springs connected into a single unit and individually wrapped pocketed coils. Spring shapes, designs, coil gauge, and number of coils in a mattress can vary. The innerspring is covered by fabric or upholstery materials. These materials can include a variety of foam, fiber, and additional layers of smaller springs. Coil count generally means that the greater the number of coils, the better support and distribution of motion. This allows the bed to better contour and support the sleeper.

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