Latex mattress

What is a latex mattress?

The latex mattress is one of the first mattress shapes created after the spring core mattress. A distinction is made between latex mattresses made of synthetically produced latex and natural latex mattresses, the latex of which is obtained from the juice of the rubber tree. Whether synthetic latex or natural latex, a latex mattress offers the following benefits:

  • A high yield point
  • Adapts very well to the contours of the body
  • Soft structure
  • Open pored
  • Antibacterial
  • Durable

  • Contrary to the popular opinion that latex is a material with low respiratory activity, mattresses made of latex or natural latex have a large number of small air bubbles which form during foaming and vulcanization of the latex milk. These air bubbles later produce small voids in the latex, which gives the latex mattress its soft structure. In addition, an air exchange and an associated ventilation take place via these cavities. Since latex also has antibacterial properties, it is not usually susceptible to mite infestations, making the latex mattress also very suitable for allergy sufferers. Another advantage of latex mattresses is their high weight. Due to the high material density (latex mattresses usually have a weight of 70 kg / m³), ​​the latex mattress is very dimensionally stable so it does not deteriorate quickly.

    The only disadvantage with the use of latex is that it may have an unpleasant smell.

    Comparison of a latex mattress with a natural latex mattress

    The natural latex mattress is ecologically friendly and made of natural elements. However, since the term natural latex mattress is not protected, any latex mattress can be referred to as a natural latex mattress. If you are looking for a latex mattress made of natural rubber, you should pay attention to the QUL seal. This seal, awarded by the quality association of environmentally friendly latex mattresses, certifies the purity of the latex used and certifies that the natural latex is free from any harmful substances. Naturlatex is also softer than synthetic latex - in terms of stability and durability, synthetic latex mattresses are in no way inferior to natural.

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