Emma vs other Bed-in-a-Box Mattress

Shopping for the perfect mattress online can be a pain in the back at best, and at worst a waking nightmare. And with so many options online, choosing the right mattress that will suit all your needs can get overwhelming. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to make mattress shopping easier for you, we’ve taken all the specs of regular bed-in-a-box mattresses and made a comparison table with our Emma Original so you can see how Emma sizes up.

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Mattress in a Box Comparison (Double Super)


Country of Manufacture

International Awards

Recommended by EU Consumer Council


Breathable Top Foam

7-Zone Foam Support

No Partner Disturbance

Machine-Washable Cover

Has Handles


Free Shipping and Returns

Next Day Delivery

Trial Period



HK$ 6,988.00

HK$ 4,542.20

Made in Germany

100 nights

15 years

Other Bed-in-a-Box (avg. price)

1 of 2

HK$ 7,100.00

Made in China

100 nights

10-15 years

Offline Brand

2 of 2

Mostly Made in China



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Why set Emma Mattress apart?

We have collected feedback and worked closely with the latest developments in foam quality to arrive at a product which improves on durability, body support and ease of use.

Upscale Comfort without the Upscale Prices

Emma: Best Price

Upscale Comfort without the Upscale Prices

With our lean supply chain, we can offer you a premium product at the best price!

Designed and Made in Germany

Designed and Made in Germany

Developed over several years, the Emma Original offers you unparalleled technology at a pocket-friendly price


Tried and Tested Quality

Tried and Tested Quality

Tried and Tested Quality

With a second to none build quality and 10 year warranty, you can rest assured your mattress will stand the test of time.


Ideal for all body types

Perfect for Everyone

Ideal for all body types

Compared to regular bed-in-a-box mattresses, the Emma Original provides people of all shapes and sizes with the perfect body alignment and support, alleviating body aches and pains.


Coolest mattress on the block

Cool and Breathable

Coolest mattress on the block

Breathable and moisture-wicking materials keep you cool all night long.

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