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Listen to What Our Customers Have to Say About Emma Memory Foam Pillow!

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  • No more neck pain!

    From Wei

    I have had it for a month, and I have no more shoulder and neck pain. even the pain that I had between my shoulder blades for months has almost disappeared, and that I did not expect.

    • 7 Sleeping hours per night
    • 26 years old
  • Best pillow I ever had !!!!

    From Mantinder

    I hesitated for a long time before taking this pillow, but I was so tired of sleeping poorly and waking up with sore shoulders / neck pain that I took the plunge. In the end, I don't regret it at all! It took me a few days to adjust because it completely changed my sleeping position. Now I feel that regardless of my position (on the side or on the back), my head is in alignment with the rest of the body. I use it on the softer side, it's perfect for me. The position that scared me the most was on the back, because the pillow seemed thick to me, but in fact it's perfect.

    • Sleeping on Side
    • 8 Sleeping hours per night
  • great brand and products

    From Shu

    My husband loves this company (also mattress etc). Was a Christmas present. It's like in the item description. In the beginning, however, a switch from a normal pillow to Emma. On about 4-5 days you notice a change and an improvement

  • optimal support

    From Simon

    Great pillow! You can remove a layer and use a different height as you want. You do not sink into the pillow and therefore it is an optimal support for the head.

    • Sleeping on Side
  • Innovative and very adjustable product

    From Christoph

    I ordered 2 more pillows. Can be used for any type of sleep because the insoles can be changed as required. A bit unusual at the beginning but flabby after a few days. If there were suitable bedding for the pillows, it would be perfect

    • Variable Sleeping
    • 8 Sleeping hours per night
    • Alone
    • 52 years old
  • Height adjustable and very comfortable

    From Akshay

    The best pillow I've ever had. Thinner than I expected but actually better for me than my usual thick pillows. Very comfortable and varying levels of firmness on each side. I get no more neck pain

  • Height adjustable, firmness adjustable super flexible pillow

    From Shu

    It has taken me a while to get used to the pillow as I have always used a feather pillow in the past. The first few nights I found it very hard and was not sure I would like it but persevered. I ended up taking one layer out only keeping the middle layer and the memory foam layer. I now find it excellent, it supports my neck and back well and I don't wake up with a stiff neck. It does not move around on the bed at all and keeps it shape. My partner likes the 3 layers and found it comfortable from the outset.

    • 7 Sleeping hours per night
    • With partner
    • 46 years old
  • Unique pillow

    From Nuan

    Have tried so many pillows as have trouble sleeping and have hip and back pain at night. Unfortunately I’m still experiencing leg pain at night but am really pleased with the comfort of this pillow.

    • Sleeping on Back
    • 8 Sleeping hours per night
    • 44 years old
  • Very comfortable

    From Ning

    My old pillows were so uncomfortable I kept on waking up with stiff sore neck. Wanted to give this memory foam pillow a go to improve my sleep. So far I’ve used it for a week, and definitely see a change to better. The Emma memory foam pillow is not as soft as ’traditional’ pillows, and looks a bit weird too because it isn’t like a soft pillow (difficult to explain), but it is truly comfy. It took a couple of nights to get used to it, but now I’m very happy. Not waking up anymore with neck pains.

  • Highly supportive, nothing like your average pillow

    From Leslie Chan

    I tried the pillow when I was at jgcasa and i instantly fell in love with the product. the support for the neck is good just as it is for the mattress. bought a whole set afterwards.

    • Variable Sleeping
    • 6 Sleeping hours per night
    • With partner
    • 45 years old
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