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German Technology, Engineered and Produced in Europe

The Emma mattress is proudly made in Europe. We have insisted on using manufacturers based in Europe, who have years of experience and expert technicalities to ensure every Emma mattress produced adheres to the highest quality standard.


The R&D Process

We credit our success to the hard work of our Emma R&D team. Our interdisciplinary team of curious minded and agile engineers, product designers, technical managers and product managers has managed to push boundaries and successfully create the perfect Emma mattress for you and I. Our huge success is being reflected by the multiple awards that our Emma Original mattress has won across Europe. But that does not mean our work will stop here, our team continues to strive for improvement by constantly working with real customers, making adjustments based on their feedback and carry out multiple testing on our prototype. This is so to achieve our goal of improving your sleep so that you can do more when you are awake.


Our innovative roll-packed technology

The Emma mattress is rolled up in the last phase of the production process and roll-packed. This is done by a machine that will first crush the mattress and then roll it up. But don't worry, your Emma mattress quality will not be sacrificed during this process. This allows us to deliver it to your door step in a convenient and compact manner. Once you received it, simply unbox the mattress and watch it inflate back to its original shape. A little unbelievable? Simply watch how our influencer, Wendy Ng and her beloved son, unbox our Emma mattress and inflate infront of their very eyes. We promise that the mattress quality remains unharmed and that it will regains its shape simply within minutes!

We Only Use the Best of the Best

Our our manufacturers and suppliers are chosen after going through a rigorous selection process. We believe in using only the best to create the perfect sleep experience for you. All our manufacturers have years of experience and have in place some of the most innovative production processes in their production factory. In addition, our upholstery fabric is manufactured to the highest quality standards in one of the most respected knitting mills in Europe. Because sleep is essential for a healthy body and mind, we insist on using the best for your comfort and health.

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