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Emma Original Mattress


Designed for maximum comfort!

With a thickness of 25cm, Emma mattress offers a maximum amount of adaptability through our optimized combination of a decompressing Airgocell®layer, visco-elastic memory foam and, a supportive cold foam layer. Enjoy also maximum protection against dust mites and bacteria. The quintessential memory foam mattress for your perfect night.

Made in Germany v2
Emma Original Mattress

Designed for maximum comfort!

With a thickness of 25cm, Emma mattress offers a maximum amount of adaptability through our optimized combination of a decompressing Airgocell®layer, visco-elastic memory foam and, a supportive cold foam layer. Enjoy also maximum protection against dust mites and bacteria. The quintessential memory foam mattress for your perfect night.

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100 Night Trial

Because you can't know if a mattress is best for you after testing it for 10 minutes, you can test the Emma mattress risk-free at home. Return charges is on us.

15 Year Guarantee

Each Emma mattress comes with a 15 year guarantee, ensuring the longevity and quality of the mattress core.

Free Next Day Delivery

You don't have to worry about paying to get the Emma Mattress to your home. Each Emma Mattress is delivered quickly, free of charge.

old mattress removal service

Same day old mattress removal service

You don't have to worry about the old when you purchase the new.

Perfect sleep in the air

Every Emma mattress delivered to your door is meticulously crafted in Germany and shipped into Hong Kong. This reflects our insistence to provide healthier and higher quality sleep to all our customers around the world. But our ultimate goal? To simplify shoppers’ buying experience by providing a perfectly supportive and comfortable mattress that suits different body types, sleep positions, preference of hardness and lifestyle. Our Emma Original mattress – our promise to you. Try it now!

This is how and why the Emma Original works.

Natural Remedy Against Allergen

Treated with revolutionary Purotex® technology, the cover contains microcapsules of 100% natural probiotics. The probiotics are released upon friction between your body and the cover protector and start to multiply exponentially. In 2 weeks, Purotex® permanently cleans up allergens by creating a micro-climate environment, thereby increasing protection against dust mite allergies up to 89.3%. Making it especially useful for people who suffer from House Dust Mite Allergy (HDMA).


Our patented technology and innovative open-pored foam, allows air to flow throughout the mattress, allowing you to stay cool at night and sleep soundly. Which?, the UK Consumers’ Association awarded Emma an impressive 4 out of 5 stars in the breathability category. With this excellent temperature regulation property, you don’t have to worry waking up in sweats during the hot summer weather!

Adjustable firmness

We all know everyone’s preference for firmness is different. That’s okay. With Emma mattress, there is two side you can choose from - a firm side and a softer side. Simply flip your mattress. Regardless of your preference, you can always expect optimal support.

The perfect sleep from A to Z

Climate regulating top cover

The breathable Emma cover combines premium design with climate regulating fibers which allow the mattress to breathe and not retain heat as other mattresses do. At the same time, the cover is treated with revolutionary Purotex® technology that protects you against sleep allergens and dust mites.

Breathable Air Comfort Cover

The grey side cover with 3D-mesh supports air circulation and gives the mattress a stylish look. The anti-slip material at the bottom panel prevents the mattress from sliding.

Adaptive Airgocell® foam

The Airgocell® foam with a thickness of 4 cm provides you with the ideal comfort thanks to exceptional point-elasticity. With that, you no longer have to worry about your partner moving beside you. This layer, designed to provide you a wonderfully, soft feeling is the preferred top layer choice if you prefer the feeling of sinking slightly into the mattress.The foam layer is also designed using an open pore structure which allows for ideal air circulation. Making it the perfect mattress for the weather in Hong Kong.

Pressure Relieving Visco-Elastic Memory Foam

A layer of adaptive memory-foam ensures an improved distribution of support, pressure relief, and spinal support and alignment.

Supportive HRX material

Our HRX material supports you where it matters. The firm bottom layer provides the necessary counter pressure, whatever your sleeping position, and offers comprehensive support for your lower back. This is also the preferred top layer choice if you’re after a firmer feeling.

Product Details

  • Product Details

    Mattress Construction

    • Climate Regulating Cover
    • Adaptive Airgocell Foam
    • Pressure Relieving Visco-Elastic HRX Foam
    • Supportive HRX Foam with Adaptive Cut-out Technology
    • Made in Germany

    Mattress Cover Materials

    The top cover consists of special climate fiber that regulates humidity and infuse with Purotex® technology that has anti-mites property. The dark grey side cover ensures optimal air circulation and provides traction thanks to the practical anti-slip elements at the bottom. The Emma Mattress cover is completely removable and washable.

  • Mattress Firmness Level

    On a firmness scale of 1-10, with 1 being extremely soft and 10 being extremely hard, our mattress is meticulously designed to fall within the 7-8 range with the Airgocell foam layer as the top layer. Based on our research, a mattress that is too hard is not able to adapt perfectly to the sleeper's body and sleep movement. With that in mind, we have designed a perfect mattress that is firm to provide you optimal combination of support and elasticity for a better and healthier sleep. But if you prefer a much firmer feel, simply flip the mattress.

  • Size and Weight
    Single Small
    91 x 183 x 25 cm
    13 kg
    91 x 190 x 25 cm
    15 kg
    Single Super
    107 x 183 x 25 cm
    16 kg
    Double Super
    137 x 190 x 25 cm
    21 kg
    Queen Small
    152 x 183 x 25 cm
    22 kg
    152 x 190 x 25 cm
    23 kg
    King Super
    183 x 203 x 25 cm
    31 kg
    122 x 183 x 25 cm
    20 kg
    Twin Super
    122 x 190 x 25 cm
    21 kg
    137 x 183 x 25 cm
    21 kg
    Queen Super
    152 x 198 x 25 cm
    26 kg
    King Small
    183 x 190 x 25 cm
    29 kg
    183 x 198 x 25 cm
    31 kg

    Size of Emma box

    The Emma Mattress is delivered in a 38 x 38 x 110cm box for the sizes smaller and equal to 140 x 200cm and in a 42 x 42 x 110cm box for the bigger sizes.

  • Shipping Information
    • Free delivery and return within Hong Kong.
    • Next day delivery only applies to order placed before 12 pm.
  • Quality Mark

    All individual layers of the Emma mattress comply with the OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Class 1 (16.0.93305). This quality mark is only awarded if the product is free of harmful substances and represents the highest standard. It is suitable for infants.

  • Additional Services
    • Custom mattress sizes may be possible. Please write us an email at for enquiries.
    • Old mattress removal service is possible to arrange. Please write us an e-mail at for enquiries.

The Emma Promise

A real worry-free sleeping experience

When we talk about carefree, we meant having your mattress delivered to your front door as quickly and easily as possible when you place an order. After that, unpacking and inflating the mattress only takes just a few minutes, and you will be ready for the best sleeping experience of your life.

100 Night Trial

Because you can't know if a mattress is best for you after testing it for 10 minutes, you can test the Emma mattress risk-free at home. Return charges is on us.

15 Year Guarantee

Each Emma mattress comes with a 15 year guarantee, ensuring the longevity and quality of the mattress core.

Free 1 Day Delivery

You don't have to worry about paying to get the Emma Mattress to your home. Each Emma Mattress is delivered quickly, free of charge.

Here’s what our customers have to say about us

We love it!

by Kate

The service was amazing and so was the product. we bought 2 mattress. A king super and a single super for our girl. Our daughter loves it. The mattress is also very supportive and helped my husband's back ache a lot. So far, we don't have any problems with the mattress smell or the heat. would recommend!

Amazing and affordable

by Ceci Wong

I ordered a king size mattress 4 months ago. Till date, I am still very pleased with it, especially my wife. My wife who after giving birth was feeling a lot of discomfort with our previous mattress. We have tried many mattress and even the best ones like Tempur. I would say emma's comfort is equal or at least very close to tempur but way much affordable. My wife finds emma bed highly comfortable and said it help a lot with the body aches she's suffering after giving birth. Highly satisfied with my purchase and would recommend this to anyone buying a new mattress.

helpful for back ache

by mrs. wong

My husband and I often wake up with back aches and pains. We decided its time to change our mattress. We did a lot of research and found out that Emma mattress has won multiple awards in Europe. It has also received very positive reviews from users. We were hopeful that this will be the solution to our problem. Emma definitely did not disappoint. We both sleep better now and rarely wake up through the nights. The back pains are also less frequent now. My only regrets is that we didn't order it sooner!

Definite improvement from my last mattress!

by Joan

There is a definite huge improvement in my sleep from my last mattress. I was with Sealy before which was an expensive brand. it was comfortable but it just feel like it doesn't suits me. But Emma suits me perfectly, it was soft enough for me yet highly supportive. My back problem has also shown improvement.

Helpful for my husband back problem

by A very happy couple

My husband has been suffering from back problems for 4 years now. We have went through many mattresses brand but nothing seems to work. We chance upon emma on our online search and we saw that it has won numerous awards and foam mattress is supposedly better for the spinal support. we decided to try it even though we were not very confident since nothing really has worked for him. We have tried the mattress for more than 3 months now. My husband loves it. He said its very supportive and he doesnt feel like his back is sinking it which is good for his sleep posture. I don't think we are getting rid of our mattress any time soon! Strongly recommend it to everyone.

Good service!

by Jayden Leong

I would recommend Emma because of its good service. I ordered the mattress on march 2nd. but decided that the mattress was a little too soft for me. So i called them to return. the return process was very easy. few days later the logistic partner came to pick up the mattress and my money was refunded. I receive the full refund 2 weeks later which was normal for any credit transaction. Even though the mattress was not for me, i would recommend emma to anyone looking for a credible mattress provider. their mattress quality was also great and very supportive i must say. but i just prefer a firmer feel. For their service and product quality, definitely a 5 star!

Good customer service!

by Robert zhao

Quick to respond! They also updated my case on time. I missed the mattress picked up two times but even then, the team was nice enough to arrange again for me and super responsive. I returned the mattress in exchange for a bigger size. The mattress itself is extremely comfortable and supportive. Highly recommend!

Excellent customer service

by Ginny zhao

The cs lady was very nice. She walked me through the whole buying process because i had problem with the order. The system kept rejecting my address. She also kept me in the loop with regards to my order. Everything else went perfect! the mattress is very comfortable!

brilliant service

by Jude taylor

The customer service lady is extremely helpful with answering my questions. We were communicating via email till she gave me a call one day to better explain my queries in details. I also ran into problems during my purchase and missed the discount for that period. They were very nice to offer the same discount to me since they have a record of me trying in their system. Really appreciate it!


by Stefanie ma

I purchased a king super mattress 5 months ago. the product quality has been superb and it was very comfy. It was also easy to maintain as the covers are easily removable for washing in the washing machine. I have since returned to purchase a double mattress for my kid simply because its comfortable and reasonably priced for the quality.

Easy maintenance

by Anna w.l.

Having 2 toddlers means we are usually extremely careful with the things we buy. I was really worried about the white covers when i bought emma but then i thought of giving it a try since it was highly recommended and also because it states that the covers can be washed. as predicted my son stained the cover. but maintenance was really easy. the covers can be fully removed and washing is even much easier , in the washing machine up to 60 degrees that kills all bacteria. the stain is gone and everything is good as new! highly recommends.

highly convenient

by Mrs an

I really like the concept of a mattress in a box and highly recommends! Its so convenient to move around the house and it takes up very little space which is great. My new mattress was arranged to came before my old mattress was removed because I did previously encounter late delivery before with other brands. Since the box was compact and only took up very little space, i found it manageable to have both mattress in my house compared to before where i had to rush to get rid of my old mattress just to make room for the new one.

Easy to clean

by nicky chao

Its very important for me to keep my mattress clean because I suffer from sinus and the pollution in HK is really bad. I really appreciate how easily is it to maintain the cleanliness of my Emma mattress. The mattress cover can be easily removed and place in the washing machine for normal wash. Super convenient! Apart from that, the mattress is also highly supportive and comfortable. Suits my needs perfectly!

Covers can be removed easily. Good for cleaning!

by Mrs Wang

My children have sensitive skin so I always try to change their mattress cover once a week but there was nothing I can do about the mattress till I found emma. The customer service lady advise me that i could easily unzip the covers of the mattress and wash it. Have been doing it ever since! My children are sleeping well and happy.

Free trial, definitely good idea!

by Roxy Cooper

This is my first time buying a mattress online. the one thing that convinced me to try was the 100 night trial that came without any conditions. Emma mattress turns out to be a pleasant surprise. it was very comfortable and help relieve my back aches which i usually suffer from when waking up. I am thankful for the 100 night trial program, otherwise I will never even give emma a try. Definitely keeping the mattress!

The trial is an excellent idea!

by heidi lam

The trial is a fantastic idea. I myself loved it but my husband couldn't get used to the mattress. We eventually returned after 2 months of trying. Emma stayed true to its promise, arranged everything and refunded me 100%. Customer service is a definitely 5 star. Would highly recommend the experience without risk especially if you don't want to pay a lot for the mattress. Most mattress sold in store tends to be much more expensive because of the rental cost which resulted in the blooming of these type of concept brand.

unexpectedly good!

by david lin

Amazing sleep experience. Suits me and my partner very well. I was actually nervous about buying a mattress online because i usually prefer to test it in store before buying. Decided to take the risk because of the 100 night trial promise and that the price of other established store mattress brands are almost ridiculous. It turned out to be the best decision I've ever made!

incredible purchase

by lauren boyd

My husband was a little skeptical when i decided to purchase Emma mattress for our kids. He felt that he needed to test it before making a purchase but I thought the 100 night trial was a fair basis for us to go ahead. It turned out that both our kids love it. Its weird to say but we both have also time to time fell asleep in our kid's bed. In the end my husband decided that we should change our bed too. Recently just made a purchase for the king sized bed. Great!

My husband is completely in love with it!

by Tammy koh

My husband was skeptical about buying from emma at first because he always prefer trying and knowing what he's purchasing. But gave in to my persuasion and the 100 trial thing help a lot. Now he's completely in love with it! We have been sleeping on it for over 4 months now. We are completely in love with it!

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